What We Do

We are happy to assist customers in the following:

  • Fixing a flat tire (needs air, needs to be patched)
  • Fixing problems with your chain (sticky links, needs chain lube, wrong length, etc.)
  • Fixing problems with your derailleur (won’t switch to certain gears, skipping gears, making a weird noise, etc.)
  • Making adjustments (tire rubs the frame, seat post is the wrong height, etc.)
  • Truing a tire (spokes need to be adjusted so they tire is the correct shape again)
  • Overhauling the wheels, freewheel, bottom bracket, or the headset (the ball bearings need to be replaced, new grease is needed, etc.)
  • Fixing brakes (new cables are needed, cables need to be adjusted, need new brake pads, etc.)
  • Ordering new bike parts. We have a Seattle Bike Supply catalog and are able to order parts at a discounted price.
  • And more!



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