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One of our goals at the co-op is to not only help your bike, but to also *teach* you how to help fix your bike. This makes for more self-sustainable people and bikes that receive more routine tune-ups!

And the best part is, it’s all FREE!!! 

This is a unique opportunity that is available to the Truman/Kirksville community! We are a non-profit organization here to help spread more knowledge about bikes. We ask for *no money* for *any services*. However, you must pay for any parts you may need to buy for your bike. We are also always grateful for donations you might want to make.

You are not allowed to drop your bike off and pick it up later. You are required to stay, and we want you to learn! Feel free to ask questions, give us a hand, or look through all of the parts and accessories we have for sale.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Fixing a flat tire (needs air, needs to be patched)
  • Fixing problems with your chain (sticky links, needs chain lube, wrong length, etc.)
  • Fixing problems with your derailleur (won’t switch to certain gears, skipping gears, making a weird noise, etc.)
  • Making adjustments (tire rubs the frame, seat post is the wrong height, etc.) 
  • Truing a tire (spokes need to be adjusted so they tire is the correct shape again)
  • Overhauling the wheels, freewheel, bottom bracket, or the headset (the ball bearings need to be replaced, new grease is needed, etc.) 
  • Fixing brakes (new cables are needed, cables need to be adjusted, need new brake pads, etc.)
  • Ordering new bike parts. We have a Seattle Bike Supply catalog and are able to order parts at a discounted price. 
  • And more! 

Our workers are all volunteers who come from diverse mechanical backgrounds. Some people knew a lot about how to fix bikes before joining, and some people knew almost nothing. Everyone who works at the co-op has been trained by the experienced volunteers. Some people are able to help with more complicated problems and issues. Almost always, we are able to figure out a solution! However, if there is something we feel we cannot help you with (i.e. something where we don’t have the right tool/part), here is the information for the new Kirksville bike shop:

Pedals and Spokes
Richard Green
116 E. Burton


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