As always, all services are FREE!

However, if you need to buy any parts for your bike, you will need to pay for most of those. We offer parts at an extremely discounted price and we can take cash or checks.

This is not an all-inclusive list of what we offer; however, these are the main things we sell at the co-op. Feel free to stop by to check if we have something not listed.

Some free stuff:

Spokes (used)
Chain lube
Ball bearings
Spoke Nipples

Used parts

(usually stripped from donated bikes). Prices sometimes depend on the quality of the part:

Tire Patches: $0.50 each
Rear Derailleurs: $2-5
Seat Posts: $1
Saddles: $1-3
Wheels: $5-10
Tires: $2-7
Tubes: $2
Front Derailleurs: $2-4
Cassettes: $3
Brake Levers: $2+
Freewheel: $2-3
Forks: $4-5
Handlebars: $2-4
Cranks: $3-5
Crank arms: $1
Chains: $2-4
Shifters: $2+
Pedals: $1
Bike locks: $4

New parts

Brake/Derailleur cables: $1
Cable housing: $1/foot
Rimtape: $2
Bottles of chain lube: $4
Cork Handlebar tape: $13
New tubes (various sizes): $5
Chains $5-6
Brake levers ~$10 (depends)
Saddles: $10
Handlebar plugs: $1
Cassette: ~$11.75
Brakes pads (various kinds): $2-4
Wheels ~$20
Tires $6-$10
Bike locks: $4-6
Pedals: $7-8
Axles: $5
Helmets $12
Crank arm: $8
Skewers for quick release hubs: $11
Rear derailleur: $15
Bell (for handlebars): $8
Patch kits: $2.50

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